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Commission Meeting 24 March 2020

Call to order at 10 AM by Chairman Millender. Invocation offered by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call showed all members present.

The agenda was approved unanimously after one change. (Placing the attorney on the agenda).

The previous minutes for all meetings were approved as read.

Claims approval: No over the limit claims. Approved by unanimous vote.


Mr. Johnny Brock addressed the commission body about the EMA bathroom fire damage. Mr. Brock stated it was very difficult to get anyone interested in working on the situation due to the fact it is a small money project. REMEMBER THAT WHEN GRAVY SHOWS UP.

Final decision was, allow the Chairman and Mr. Brock to move forward with repairs.

When questioned about the current virus problems Mr. Brock’s best suggestion was to continue to maintain social distancing and hopefully this will run its course. Mr. Brock hopes to see a significant improvement.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee advised the current dirt pit is getting low and suggested the commission body consider moving to Mr. McIntyre’s pit on Hwy. 84. Prices will remain the same.

Mr. Foshee spoke of a CDBG grant he’d tried for last year and requested permission to re-apply this year. Permission granted.

County Attorney:

Mr. Bishop announced he had received the deed from LA/PAC, along with some other normal formal paperwork. These items were in need of the chairman’s signature.

DHR has taken over the payment for insurance on the DHR building. There is some paperwork requiring the chairs signature.

Mr. Bishop noted the resolution closing the court house need some rework. The commissioners voted to allow the chairman to sign any paperwork.

Paperwork to declare a state of local emergency was approved by unanimous vote.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown also covered the payroll/personnel report. She reported 1 new hire at the jail, no separations and a total of 25.5 hours of overtime. 8 for sheriff’s department; 9.5 for the jail and 4 each for Districts 4 and 5.

Ms. Brown advised the commissioners of the cost for cooling tower repairs. ProAir will be doing the work at a cost of $24,230.00. Parts for repair are on order.

Ms. Brown was authorized to advertise for a maintenance person. Advertised salary, $18-22.00 per hour, to be based on experience.

Ms. Brown informed the commissioners and Department Heads they were invited to the Chamber of Commerce 2020 Banquet.

Commissioners Comments and announcements:

Chairman Millender canvased the commission body about not holding the next regular meeting. Everyone was in agreement. Next meeting is scheduled for 28 April 2020.

Motion to adjourn approved at 10:30 AM.

E911 meeting followed and took 3 minutes. Figure out what can be talked about in 3 minutes.