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Commission Mtg. 24 September 2018

This was the last commission meeting to be held in the format everyone has been accustomed to. Beginning with the next meeting the Monday, 9 AM meetings will be of a work session natural with all discussion being completed on Monday. On the following day (Tuesday), the commission body will meet and vote on issues only. It will not be a forum whereby the general public will be allowed to question the commission body.

Call to order by Chairman Johnny Andrews at 9 AM. The invocation was offered by Commissioner Millender followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call showed all members present.

The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/personnel report:

There have been no personnel changes of any form. A total of 3.75 hours of overtime was reported for approval. A motion to accept this portion of the payroll/personnel report was met with a unanimous vote of approval.

Ms. Leigh has published an employee’s benefits sheet showing the additional monies spent by the county toward covering their monthly health insurance, life insurance, annual leave time, sick leave and holiday paid leave cost.

Commissioner Millender suggested Ms. Leigh organize a pay benefits sheet for each employee showing them the results of this study. These benefits equate to a goodly amount of money and, coupled with regular pay, becomes a healthy incentive amount paid by the county.

It was also noted there were some disparages among the “call out” pay as listed in the Employees Handbook and what is really paid. A motion to ensure the “call out” pay was paid correctly and the handbook was corrected passed by unanimous vote.

Ms. Leigh requested permission to send Department Heads a memo encouraging them to allow employees to come to her to straighten our pay situations. Permission granted by unanimous vote.

A request was made to do open enrollment for vendors with permission to schedule them during non-busy times. Permission granted.

Claims Approval:

There were no over the limit claims for approval.

Economic Development Report:

No report available at this time.

Revenue Commissioner:

Mr. Jimmy Bell came before the commission requesting to hire a finance clerk. After Mr. Bell made his request questions arose from Commissioner Millender as to how long that position had been open. It was determined that position had existed unfilled since election time 2012. this is the same position that Mr. Bell had appeared before the commission body at an earlier date asking to take the pay for that position and divide it among his other employees who were doing this job with no problem.

Considering the new budget and the fact it was due to be accepted and published, Mr. Bell was asked if his department had figured this person in the budget. It was acknowledged the pay only had been submitted for the new budget but none of the added benefits were computed in. If you noted above, benefits play a large enough part in the budget that it could “upset the apple cart” if not managed.

After further discussion, some of it heated, it was determined that further study would be conducted and Mr. Bell could come back to the commission body and re-submit his request.

EMA Director:

Mr. Johnny Brock came before the commission body with two items requiring the chairman’s signature. As per usual, Mr. Brock brought good news in the form of a check for $7,000.00 to the county. This was the state’s portion of the EMPG funds that, thanks to Mr. Brock’s management, the county has gotten every year.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee noted that there were bid openings scheduled for 9:30. Mr. Foshee presented the commissioners with the list for October.

Mr. Foshee asked the commission what they intended to do about the purchase of dump trucks and the contract proposal from Woods dealing with the purchase/ of equipment.

It was determined the county would sell the current dump trucks and purchase the Wood’s recommended Kenworth’s. It was also a unanimous agreement to enter into the contract with Woods dealing with equipment.

Bids were opened and read. Engineer Foshee requested the commission to allow him to review the bids, report at the next meeting and decide then who would be awarded the contracts. The commission agreed with Mr. Foshee by unanimous vote.

In conjunction with the bid openings, County Administrator Ms. Brown announced she had 2 bids to open, one dealing with the insect spraying which was awarded to Terminix, and one dealing with legal advertising with the local paper. The Evergreen Courant was awarded that with a bid of $.25 per word/per week.

Both of these bids were accepted by from the commission.

County Administrator:

1. Ms. Stephanie Brown presented the commission with an invoice for the juvenile detention facility where the juveniles of Conecuh County are housed. This amounted to $5,880.00 of cost to the county. we have to spend to cover the inadequacies of parenthood among our family units.

2. Sales tax from the Piggly Wiggly/Shrimp Basket totaled $11,323.90.

3. Cleaning services offered to do all the tile and flooring in the courthouse for $1,300.00. This is a good service and has kept the floors looking good for the last year. Commissioners agreed unanimously to have this done again.

4. The budget cannot currently be approved even though it is mandatory to be in place by 1 October. A budget meeting will be held in conjunction with an emergency called work session for 1 PM, tomorrow, 25 2018

5. Ms. Brown noted that city employee Ms. Hamrac desires to participate in the safe room ribbon cutting ceremony if the commission will allow.

County Attorney:

Mr. Bishop stated he was in receipt of an A/G response to a question. The response is, if this question is asked by the merit board the A/G will answer them.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Riley noted that the bids needed for the Davis Burt Building need to be advertised immediately.

Commissioner Millender again talked of a maintenance person. Ms. Leigh was tasked with putting together their duties and the commission will determine pay. This is to be a position and does not include maintenance at the jail.

Commissioner Millender advised again that the commission body needed to meet and set the procedures needed for the safe-room dealing with rental, key control return, rental prices, cleanup, etc.

Commissioner Millender again encouraged the commission body to discuss the animal shelter. The work should be completed today. Items for discussion will include staffing and operation. (To be done at next work session).

News Media:

I asked a question about the changes coming with the next meeting. On there will be an agenda set and this will be the time for the public to schedule to talk to the commissioners.

I also asked if any money had been received from the invoice sent Dr. Dino for the road repair made necessary by his unauthorized use of a motor grader on Pearl Lane. At this time no payments have been made.

A motion to recess the meeting was made vice an adjournment. This was done so the commission could meet tomorrow and finish business (with voting) without having to go through the time frame required to call an emergency meeting.

Motion to recess approved at 10:30 AM