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Commission Meeting 25 June 2018

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd, invocation was all offered by Mr. Byrd.

The pledge of Allegiance was followed by roll call showing all members present.

The agenda was approved as printed with the exception of Coastal Gateway was moved to the bottom of the agenda. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

There was one new hire as a jail C. O., no separations and no overtime.

Approve Claims:

There were no over the limit claims to present.

Conecuh Safe Room:

There will be a walk through on 9 July between the commission body and the contractors. To take place directly after the meeting.


Mr. Calvin Samuels was present an official resolution thanking him for his 31 years of service to the county. Mr. Samuels has retired and is preparing to visit his son who is serving in the U. S. Navy in San Diego, CA.

Rotation of Chairman:

Commissioner Riley made a motion that the rotation of the chairmanship position be rolled over and allow District 3 Commissioner andrews to assume the position. Motion carried. Effective next meeting andrews will be the chairman of the commission, the most powerful elected office of the county.

Commissioner Millender made a motion that Chairman Byrd be allowed to continue signing checks until all paperwork on andrews is completed. Motion carried.


Grant writer Cara Stallman advised the commission they needed to get the paperwork together for the paving grant request. She stated it was due by the 31. The commissioners decided to have a special call meeting at 9 A.M. Monday, 2 July to discuss and vote on the recommended roads for the grant.

Sheriff Brock:

On the agenda but no present. Commissioner Riley asked why the sheriff’s department was not under the merit system. Answer, they are considered state employees vice county employees. Commissioner Riley then asked what guidelines the sheriff’s department follows and, if none, could the sheriff and his department be required to follow the coming County Handbook guide. Overall answer, they could follow the rules in the handbook but could not be put in a merit system.

County Engineer:

Winston Foshee informed the commission the motor graders had been sold and brought a little more money than the guaranteed reserve set on them.

A request for help made by Reid State awhile back has been honored. Foshee advised the total cost was $11,990.96 and was paid in full by Reid State for services performed.

Mr. Foshee asked if there had been any feedback about voting machines. It seems there are electrical problems in some of the polling places and one voting precinct has bathroom issues. A suggestion of a porta-potty to cure the bathroom issues was offered.

Foshee stated that he’d been asked for more help with the parking area on the entrance road to Hillcrest H. S. Some work has already been done and a little more help is needed. The school will bare all expenses.

Foshee had a prepared list of dirt roads within each district that he felt should be considered for paving. He based his recommendations of population density and other factors. He is projecting that approximately 8 miles of dirt road’s should be paved.

Andrews chimed in that the amount of road paving should be prorated based on the mileage total of dirt roads contained within a district. I believe this was the first time this theory was advanced as a potential plan to follow for the funding to be given out. This would make Districts 1 and 3 the big winner considering they have the largest amount of dirt roads. Districts 4 and 5 will be sucking for paving projects considering they the smallest districts on file therefore making them automatically have less dirt road then the others.

Commissioner Riley made a motion that Mr. Foshee’s recommendations be followed. This motion was withdrawn after further discussion.

Again, this will be taken up at the special call meeting next Monday.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown advised she had request for advertising in the Hillcrest Band Boosters publication as well as from Sparta too. Quickly discussed and agreed to purchase the same amount as last year.

Complaints about the floor condition at the David Burt Building have been received. It was determined to allow the floors to get a super cleaning and treatment, cost $1,500.00 to complete.

Maria from Auburn notified Ms. Brown she expected it would take her approximately 30 minutes to give her presentation and discussion on the new handbook. Ms. Brown tasked to coordinate a convenient time for her to come down.

County Attorney: No input from Mr. Bishop

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Millender noted that most counties commission meetings only last about 20 minutes whereas ours seem to go on forever. He stated the key to shorter meetings is holding work sessions the day before meetings. He offered the suggestion that the commissioners meet on Mondays just like now except make that meeting a work session to be followed on Tuesday with a regular commission meeting where issues could be voted on and completed.

After discussion it was determined that further discussion would be conducted at the special call meeting next Monday and a determination would be made then.

Commissioner Riley stated he has been working with a company that is looking to bring broadband to Conecuh. He stated that it is possible to have broadband county wide within a year. This would be such an asset to the rural areas.

Commissioner Millender noted the Animal Shelter is still closed and little headway has been made. Currently Johnathan has been cut back to one day per week for work and still no selection of a contractor to get to work on the building.

Commissioner Riley stated that 4 bids for repairs had been solicited but only one had been returned. He questioned the County Attorney if the county could go with that bid only or if they had to get more. Overall consensus indicates that bid alone can be sufficient to get work started.

Mr. Millender told the commission body that if they would authorize him, he would take on that project noting that it needed a full time, active overseer. No motion or vote was made as to who will oversee the shelter repair at this time.

Coastal Gateway and Tim Covin, Arena Reports:

Members of Coastal Gateway took the floor first. They made a long presentation about studies of different areas that have arenas. The one they are planning for here is to be 109 Square Feet, an outside, primarily no floor building. Bottom line after all the presentations, the building’s estimated cost is $5,000,000.00. It is expected that there will be several contributions by a variety of sponsors cutting the cost factor back substantially. It was suggested the county commit to hiring an architect now and get plans started. Coastal stated they could get an architect that would work on an hourly basis for now. If anything grows or develops from this a contract can then be worked out.

One more issue for the special call meeting.

There were no news media comments:

Chairman Byrd asked for a motion and vote to go into executive session. All approved.

Executive Session started 10:20 AM

Regular Session restarted 10:35 AM

Motion to adjourn approved at 10:36.