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Commission Meeting 26 Mar 2019

Prior to calling the meeting to order Chairman Andrews asked Ms. Hawsey (in the audience) for an update on Commissioner Campbell and his family currently in Nebraska with his granddaughter undergoing medical treatment.

Ms. Hawsey informed the group that the child had undergone a heart operation yesterday (Monday, 25 March). She did well with the operation but has numerous more medical treatments to undergo before being cleared of these problems.

Hopes, thoughts and prayers to the Campbell family as they continue this journey.

Call to order by Chairman Andrews at 10 AM. Opening benediction offered by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call showed all members present with the exception of Commissioner Campbell.

The Agenda was approved as printed. Minutes from the previous 2 meetings were approved as read.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

No new hires listed. One separation. No overtime. Report approved as presented.

Ms. Lee announced some problems dealing with an employee. Seems this employee was involved in an accident and, to this point, failed to take the required drug test IAW published policy. In fact, the way I understand it, this accident went unreported for 8 days. It was indicated the department head knew of this problem. She asked the commissioners what direction should she take.

Commissioner Riley noted that when anything happened in his district he complied with the items listed in the handbook, to include a drug testing afterwards. To further complicate matters, the Meadowbrook insurance company has also been in contact with the county over a non-payment of a medical co-pay.

A motion was made that any employee being paid by county money will follow the handbook. This issue has not been put to bed yet and I, for one, am sure we will hear more.

Ms. Lee requested permission to send all Department Heads a letter advising them to put time sheets in on Monday, prior to noon. It was noted that if those time sheets were being put in on Friday, they were being filled out ahead of time.

Claims Approval:

No over the limit claims. Approved by unanimous vote.

Probate Judge Steve Flemming, also IDB treasurer, and other members of the IDB were on hand to present the county with a $175,000.00 check as a loan payback from a 2012 loan dealing with money for the “Gerber Building.”

County Engineer:

Authorized to purchase 1 herbicide tank at a cost of $6,200.00.

Extension Dept:

Permission was granted for the extension department to be allowed to put a shed up in the back of the David Burt Building.

County Attorney: Not available.

It was agreed that Ms. Fortis along with Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood be allowed to present proposals on the pending arena project.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Andrews noted District 3 was currently without a backhoe. The one currently assigned to the district is broken beyond reasonable repair.

Commissioner Riley brought up the fact that District 3’s backhoe had been used to load dump trucks from an alternate pit that the commission group had agreed to use and that extra stress and strain probably did a lot toward contributing to the failure of the backhoe. He went on to say that he was of the understanding that once a pit was selected the excavator was moved there and all commissioners should use that pit to pull dirt from it.

Mr. Andrews agreed he had used the backhoe strictly as his own to load his trucks. He did promise to follow the standing rules of the commission and use the designated pit in the future.

Commissioner Riley made a motion that Engineer Foshee be allowed to look and see what type of deal he could find in an attempt to replace Mr. Andrews backhoe. Mr. Riley’s motion did not get the required second and died on the floor.

The recommendation by the Economic Director dealing with incentives and recognition of impending new businesses is adapted. Motion met with unanimous approval.

No further comments forthcoming:

Adjourned: 10:27 AM