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Commission Mtg. 27 Aug 2018

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Andrews, invocation offered by Commissioner Riley followed by roll call which showed all members on hand.

The agenda and previous minutes of 2 meetings were approved as read.

Payroll/personnel report:

There is one new hire at the jail and one separation from the sheriff’s department. There were no overtime hours for approval.

Commissioner Millender asked the payroll clerk what procedures are being used with the sheriff’s department personnel. After it was determined the commissioners need to acquire a copy of the sheriff’s handbook so they can review and it to ensure the proper procedures are being followed. The commissioners set a target date of 1 October as the time frame for getting the sheriff’s department handbook signed.

Claim Approval:

There were no over the limit claims in either the general or gasoline fund requiring approval. Claims report

Economic Development Report:

Economic Director Green was on hand and brought the commission body up to speed on things they have been working on and looking into.

County Attorney Bishop was also on hand and questioned as to what measures have been taken to set up a joint meeting between the city and the IDB. Mr. Bishop advised both entities are prepared to meet and can do so on any Monday or Thursday in the afternoon. It was suggested that a meeting set for 5:30 PM on 10 September 2018 at the depot. Attorney Bishop and Ms. Brown will pursue and report.

This meeting will be open to the public.

Schools Systems Road Concerns:

Dr. Byrd was unable to attend and had Mr. Harry Gross fill in for him. Mr. Gross expressed concern about the dirt roads in the county. Seems that recently 2 buses had gotten stuck while delivering students and the tow truck response cost approximately $850.00. He also expressed concerns about low hanging limbs that are going into the bus windows and stand a chance of harming the children.

, Mr. Gross will contact the County Engineer with a list of these problems and, he will get phone numbers for the commissioners in the event he needs to contact them over problems.

Conecuh County Rescue Squad:

Mr. Robbie Moore of the rescue squad advised the commission body they had recently acquired a new vehicle and asked if the county could assist in purchasing a set of the “jaws of life” for them. Normal cost is approximately $17,500.00, however, Mr. Moore knows where a set can be gotten for $15,000.00. The commissioners noted that the rescue squad does a fabulous job and they already have one set of “jaws.” They also noted that should the rescue squad need additional help there are several other responders in the county with Jaws that will assist them. The commissioners stated that should they purchase a set of the Jaws for the rescue squad they would have to support other responders wanting them.

Revenue Commissioner:

Mr. Jimmie Bell introduced a new and updated report requiring the chairman’s signature. It was approved for the chairman to sign this paperwork from the revenue department.

EMA Director:

Mr. Johnny Brock announced new cameras were now installed in and around the courthouse with a centralized monitor at the upstairs security station. It still requires the county to submit their cost bills and a signature from the chairman to start the reimbursement paperwork rolling. Commissioner Riley asked if it might be possible to get a second monitor installed at the downstairs station also. Mr. Brock stated he would look into it.

In other business from safety award check in the amount of $1,500.00 was presented with kudos going to the safety committee for their good work.

A request was made to utilize the new safe room building for an anniversary party. This request was not approved due to the fact no procedures are put in place yet as to how to handle it. The commissioners and EMA director will get together and work toward getting some ground rules in place on how to handle these request.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee was not on hand for the meeting.

County Administrator:

Ms. Stephanie Brown noted a refund on insurance premiums had been awarded the county. A check in the amount of $19,115.70 was sent to the county.

The IDA also has a refund check of $213.53. , the IDA has no bank account and cannot deposit it. Discussion led to the conclusion the IDA should establish a bank account. Commissioner Riley was tasked with taking action on this.

Ms. Riley at the David Burt Building is working on a new lease agreement. Commissioner Millender noted that a good bit of cosmetic work needs to be done on the inside of the building. He also noted that if these repairs are done Ms. Riley would probably be agreeable to looking into an increase in the lease rates.

Ms. Brown noted she needed a decision on what to do with the A/C compressors done. She received a green light to go forward with the compressor repairs for the courthouse.

County Attorney:

Mr. Anthony Bishop reported the KFC lease has been finalized and needs the chairman’s signature to put in place. This is a lease with rate increases at each increment. A motion to allow the chair to sign passed by unanimous vote.

Ms. Odessa Wallace had approached the commission body about purchasing some land in Repton approximately one month ago. This request was denied due to the land being tied into some of the current bond issues the county has.

Ms. Dianne Moncrease and Tim Coving have both volunteered to be on the DHR Board. It was determined that Ms. Moncrease has no job requirements and would be better able to accommodate the meeting times than Mr. Coving who is currently employed at the high school. A motion to appoint Ms. Moncrease to the board was approved by unanimous vote.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Commissioner Riley asked all citizens to be aware of the Point Broadband situation. This can be a boon for the county and the company trying to bring it in needs to know it has a chance at success. Please stay cognizant of the ads on the radio and the paper and, if interested in getting broadband here, show it.

Commissioner Millender noted the animal shelter repairs are coming along. In fact, the person doing the repairs has corrected several repairs that were not on the “list” given them. Mr. Millender encouraged the commission to approve payment for these extra items. It was also noted the shelter does not have the overpowering odor it once had since these repairs have started. A motion was made to authorize these additional payments and passed by unanimous vote.

Commissioner Millender also saw and spoke to the person who designed the current courthouse and discussed some of the problems we are now encountering with leakage Bottom line, the designer will be looking at these things and suggested that warranties be checked for the roof area. Some of the problems experienced there may still be under warranty.

District Three Commissioner Andrews noted his friend Mr. Kent Hovine (Dr. Dino) had acquired a motor grader and attempted to do road repair on Pearl Lane dirt road by his compound. Based on Andrew’s statements, a large mess was created and had to be repaired. Mr. Andrews stated that a bill for $1,300.00 had been sent him for the county efforts necessary to undo his mess. Dr. Dino is one of the entities Commissioner Andrews worked hard to get into Conecuh and basically next door to him.

Wonder if this means the honeymoon is over?

Adjournment at 10:59