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Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Andrews. Invocation offered by Commissioner Millender followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call showed all members present. Both the agenda and previous minutes approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/personnel report:

There were no new hires however there were 2 separations, 1 from District 4 and 1 from the jail. There was a total of 8.5 hours of overtime for approval, 6.5 from the probate office and 2 hours from one stop.

Claims approval:

There were no over the limit claims for approval. There was some discussion about a $481.81 claim reimbursement from the Economic Director’s office. Motion to approve the regular claims was made and passed by unanimous vote. The Economic Directors claim will be discussed in the upcoming executive session.

County Engineer: Unavailable for comment.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown reminded the commission body there was an outstanding invoice of $3,255.00 from Baldwin County for juvenile detention. Motion to pay was approved by unanimous vote.

The body was advised again that the water tower needed cleaning at a cost of $1,872.20. It was noted it had been 3 years since the last cleaning. Motion to approve by Commissioner Riley, seconded by Commissioner Byrd passed by unanimous vote.

DHR building lease of $13,281.00 annually was approved by unanimous vote.

C. R. 43 and funding for it was discussed. Ms. Brown informed the commission body that there was an annual truck payment of $67,477.00 due and they would also need funding for next week’s payroll. She noted that $100,000.00 could be pulled from bridge fund and added to the gasoline fund boosting it to $300,000.00 and everything could be paid. Motion to approve by Commissioner Campbell seconded by Commissioner Riley and approved by unanimous vote.

Ms. Brown reminded the commission that renovations of the David Burt Building had been discussed at the work session. Commissioner Riley made a motion they continue forward with the David Burt renovation. Commissioner Byrd stated that he thought the next meeting would be a better time to discuss this issue and Commissioner Riley withdrew his motion. This issue will be on the next meeting agenda.

More discussion about hiring someone to do work on the counties several buildings and properties was next in line. It was determined that Commissioner Riley was going to investigate and see if getting a contractor for this job would be feasible. Another item for next meeting’s discussion.

County Attorney: Mr. Anthony Bishop had nothing to add.

Commissioner’s comments and announcements:

Commissioner Andrews noted the discussion of work on the Gerber Building the previous day was still on the burner. He had no input from the city or the IDB as to whether they would agree to a payment on their part of $7,100.00 would be forthcoming. This is the amount that has been determined as the county’s fair share.

A motion was made to agree to the payment of the $7,100.00 portion pending a positive reply from the city and IDB. To Chairman Andrews for action.

News Media Comments: None

Motion to go into executive session to discuss matters of trade and commerce passed by unanimous voice vote at 9:45.

I saw no further need to stay so I left it with them.