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Commission Meeting 28 Jan 2020

Call to order at 10 AM by Chairman Riley. Invocation offered by Mr. Foshee followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Roll call showed all members present for meeting.

The agenda was approved as published. Previous minutes of 3 separate meetings were approved as read.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

No new hires, no separations, 9 hours of overtime mostly for the transport of prisoner labor. Passed by unanimous vote.

Claims Approval:

No over the limit claims in either General or Gasoline fund. Other claims approved by unanimous vote.

Chairman Ship regular rotation:

This is Commissioner Riley’s last meeting as chairman, it was to have rotated to Mr. Campbell to be the next chairman in line.

Mr. Campbell stated that he declined the chairmanship for health reasons and recommended Mr. Riley remain in place as chairman. It was quickly pointed out that was not the way the rotation factor was voted on at the beginning of this term. The chairmanship will rotate to the next district in line and if refused, it goes to the next district in line putting Commissioner Millender of District 5 as the new chairman.

County Engineer:

Mr. Foshee really had nothing to report on. He requested the commissioner give him directions on how to hand the LA-PAC timber bids.

He was directed to put the bids together and have them ready for opening at the 1 meeting in March, 10.

Mr. Foshee noted the LA-PAC site had finished early with the rented dozer and it was returned. The county got back $1,200.00 rental fees for this effort. Thank you Mr. Foshee.

Foshee also noted he will get Conecuh County signs on the doors of all equipment and he will pursue info on GPS being installed in the vehicles.

He also reiterated that employee drug testing is covered in the County Handbook.

Stephanie Brown:

Ms. Brown was directed to get bids out for both the Animal Shelter ceiling repairs and the repairs needed at EMA. Hopes are that will be enough enticement to get bidders involved.

Ms. Brown reminded the commissioners of their invitation to Mr. Hyde’s ceremony at 11 AM on Friday.

Commissioners comments:


News Media:

I stood and asked Mr. Campbell what were the final charges against the employee involved in the illegal dirt movement.

Mr. Campbell stated it had been so long that he had forgotten.

Mr. Campbell did state he had called the state ethics commission to tell them about this.

I then asked why the charges that so obviously seemed to be group 2 offenses were lowered to group 1 offense level.

Mr. Campbell stated he and the county attorney had gotten together and deemed this to be a fair punishment.

I halted my questioning at that time because the attorney was not on hand and I really want to hear his reasoning.

Adjourn: 10:15 AM