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Call to order by Chairman Riley at 9 10 AM. Commission Millender gave the opening invocation which was followed by the pledge of allegiance.

All members were present for roll call. Questions about the reason for the executive session listed on the agenda were asked by Commissioner Millender. Both the agenda and previous minutes were approved.

Payroll/Personnel Report:

There were 2 new hires at the jail, both in the position of C. O.’s. One separation from the jail, again a C. O. One promotion in District 4. Kevin Henderson was promoted to lead man for the district. Congratulations Kevin.

Claims Approval:

There were no claims over the $3,000.00 limit however; there were 6 claims over the $500.00 general fund limit. Motion to approve received a unanimous vote.

Revenue Commissioner:

Mr. Jimmy Bell came before the commission body asking they approve the programs update discussed during the work session. Motion to approve received unanimous yes vote.


Mr. Jerome Boykin, President of the NAACP came before the board to discuss hiring practices/procedures. He told the commission body the black community has come too far and through too much struggle to allowing hiring practices to deteriorate to what they were in the past and his organization was putting them on notice they would take action should the commission attempt to do this. Mr. Boykin noted the NAACP desired a meeting with them.

County Engineer:

Engineer Foshee asked the commission body to approve a resolution prepared to go in hand with the CDBG grant whereby the county would receive $114,229.00 for road paving. This money is to be split as evenly as possible between all 5 districts.

County Administrator:

Ms. Stephanie Brown, County Administrator, informed the commission body that she was in receipt of request from both Sparta and Hillcrest schools asking for their typical ad purchase. Commission body approved this purchase by unanimous vote.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Chairman Riley pointed out the air conditioning in the front portion of the Animal Shelter was completely out. This item had been approved at a meeting in May but had not been completed because of a funds shortage. All commissioners were in agreement to pull the money from the general building fund and fix the A/C.

Same story for the Community Action Center which has broken A/C too. Get low bid, pull money as needed to repair the Action Center’s A/C also. Unanimous vote.

It was determined that EMA Director Brock would conduct a check of the safe room before and after private events were to be held there. The courthouse cleaning crew will check the safe room on Thursday of each week.

A Back to School Bash program is being discussed. Current plans are to hold it at the park. There is a need for a stage which can be rented for a high rate or, if the powers to be, city, county and school board, put up the money ($35,000.00) and have one built. To do so would ensure we would have one available for future events. Commissioner Millender suggested getting with the city and school board and see what could be worked out. In other words, come to some type of agreement.

It was noticed there will be a wellness check held on Thursday, 11 July from 7-11 at the court house. All hands participation is requested. There is a sign in sheet at the engineering office.

News Media:

No comment

Executive Session:

A motion to go into executive session was determined on a split vote. Districts 1, 2 and 3 voted yes while districts 4 and 5 voted no. The session was to discuss good name and character and convened at 10:05 AM.

Executive session ends, regular session resumes 11:12.

Adjourn: 11:15 AM