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Commission Mtg. 9 July 2018

Call to order at 9 AM by chairman andrews. Invocation offered by Mr. Boykin followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Roll call showed all members present.

Approval of the agenda was next. Commissioner Millender noted that he is aware the chairman has the right to set the agenda but he was being asked to vote on something he was totally unaware of with the Executive Session for matters of commerce and trade. Mr. Millender stated he did not like to vote for something when he had no notice or notification of what he was voting on.

Chairman andrews held up some paperwork and asked Mr. Millender if he had received copies of the same to which Mr. Millender replied he had received them upon his arrival at the commission chambers this morning and had no opportunity to review it. Mr. Millender stated that it would have been nice and appropriate for the chairman to have communicated with the others.

andrews noted the executive session was called for a matter of COMMERCE AND TRADE. There were potential hires on hand to interview for the position of Economic Director. He told Commissioner Millender he was sorry and would try to do better in the future.

Chairman andrews then called for a vote on approving the agenda, motion made by Commissioner Riley, seconded by Commissioner Campbell. Motion carried by 3-2 vote with both Commissioners Byrd and Millender voting against it.

The minutes for the last regularly scheduled meeting and the special call meeting of 2 July were approved by unanimous vote.

Payroll/personnel Report:

There were 2 new hires, 1 for janitorial service and 1 for the engineering department, an equipment operator 2 position. There were no separations or overtime to approve.

Payroll/personnel report approved by unanimous vote.

Claims Approval:

There were 8 over the limit claims in the general fund. There were no over the limit claims in the gasoline fund. Report approved by unanimous vote.

Conecuh Safe Room:

No discussion on the safe room. There will be a walk through after the commission meeting.

Conecuh Agricultural Complex:

It was reported that an agreement had been prepared for submission to the commission body to approve the possible hiring of an architect on an hourly basis and, if the commission agreed to invest in the complex this architect would have dibs on being the one to get the job. The commissioners were presented paperwork to look over and hopefully a decision will be forth coming soon.

Sheriff Brock:

Upgrades and requirements are forthcoming in the law enforcement group and Sheriff Brock noted that, if the county signs on now, there are several items that are currently offered free of charge, one of which is mental health. Any wait or delay could cause these free items to go away. He request that a motion be made allowing the chairman to sign contracts to facilitate these programs.

Deputy Randall Brown is currently attending the police academy. The sheriff request paperwork reflects that Deputy Brown be required to stay with the county 2 years or he pays back the expenses encountered for school. Motion approved.

The control panel in the jail has totaled been wiped out. Sheriff has farmed out most of the prisoners with the exception of about 25 who are being kept in an area with power. He stated it was going to require extensive work to repair this jail system which was kind of operating on life support before. He noted the system that died had been in place 18 years and it will cost $80,000.00 to replace (there is no repair). He stated he had $40,000.00 in his budget that had been programmed for something else but this is so dire he is willing to move it to this job. This still leaves $40,000.00 outstanding. A motion was made to fix the system and passed by unanimous vote.

The sheriff’s employee’s handbook was discussed. It was asked if it would be possible to have the impending county handbook be used by the deputies in certain circumstances. The possibility of merit employees being assigned to the sheriff’s department was discussed. Sheriff Brock noted that his deputies and C. O.’s would not be able to function under the merit system but the staff should be able to work under it well and, in fact, he had one employee that was a merit employee. The sheriff is willing to work with the commission toward incorporating the new employee handbook to get the best utilization from it.

EMA Director’s report:

Mr. Johnny Brock had a bid opening scheduled for this time and he went forward with that. The bid was for installation of a camera system for the courthouse. Miller Alarm of Enterprise submitted the only bid in the amount of 17,761.20. Grant money in the amount of $19,500.00 has been procured for the project. Mr. Brock asks that the response to the bid be tabled until the next meeting allowing him time to review all the paperwork. If everything is alright the bid offer can be acted on then. This issue was tabled until then.

County Engineer Foshee was unavailable for this meeting.

County Administrator:

Ms. Brown advised that Congressman Doug Jones office had contacted her asking to attend a meeting of the commission whereby they may discuss the needs of the county and what Mr. Jones can do to help. It was suggested that the next regular meeting was on 23 July and, if that date would work with Mr. Jones office, they would set a work session for 11 AM to meet with them.

Our local supply company has merged with another company and an open house is being scheduled so everyone can meet each other. It is scheduled for 17 July from 10-2 with a light lunch being provided. For more information contact the Commission Office.

Commission property is deteriorating from a lack of maintenance. Ms. Brown suggested someone be hired on a part time basis to head off some of these problems. It was suggested that former maintenance man Harper be contacted and see if he is interested in contracting a part time job.

Ms. Brown stated that ACCA is about to celebrate its 90 anniversary and they are asking each county for some type of artifact to place in a capsule that will be reopened on the 100 anniversary. Ms. Brown suggested placing a copy of the Evergreen Courant in the capsule. A motion was made and put to vote to do so. Motion passed.

County Attorney:

Mr. Anthony Bishop advised he had been in work on the KFC property lease renewal. He presented an agreement he had made over a 20 year period. Over this period there will be 4 increases of a 15% per increase. At the end of this lease the county will have received a total of a 60% pay increase from the property. A motion to approve Mr. Bishop’s proposal was approved by unanimous vote.

Mr. Bishop agreed to meet and talk with the sheriff about employees being brought into the fold under the merit system. He will work with the sheriff and see what can happen.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements


Commissioner Campbell made a motion the commission meetings be moved from Monday to Tuesday. Monday would be used as a work session day and should allow the commission meetings to be more streamlined and user friendly. A motion to incorporate this program on 1 October was made and passed by unanimous vote.

andrews brought up the animal shelter and the lack of accomplishing there. This led into discussion about both bids and quotes. It was noted there is a difference, if bids are to be let a certain procedure should be followed.

Commissioner Millender noted that Jonathan was putting in one day per week at the shelter and has accomplished a lot, such as having the concrete floors sealed, keeping the grass mowed and other general upkeep items. There is a roof leak in the area where the cages are and many other things needing attention. The smells are not completely gone but are much better. It was determined that bids should be let for the roof repair now.

It was suggested that should Mr. Harper come back as a maintenance overseer he will need to get intimately involved with the building.

Commissioners Millender and Riley were assigned to jointly oversee the animal shelter repairs.


I thought I’d run into an old Castleberry City Council meeting with the display that went on.

Commissioner Millender asked after the special call meeting dealing with dirt road paving what were the intentions of the commissioners toward doing something to help their constituents. He noted the county had money in this year’s budget to pave 5 miles of dirt road but that had been moved to the general fund. A big plan to apply for a grant to do the roads got tossed off the road at the special called meeting. Remember, at a special call meeting the only topic that can be discussed is the agenda items, much as it should be at Executive Sessions.

A quick recap of that (8 minute) meeting.

A normal opening took place with prayer, pledge and roll call showing Commissioner Campbell as absent (this is included to show just how much time and thought went into scrapping any help for our dirt roads). Grant writer Stallman was recognized by chairman andrews. Ms. Stallman stood and stated she thought this meeting was called to determine which roads a grant request would be submitted on.

Chairman andrews next called on County Engineer Foshee who presented the commissioner with 2 plans for their consideration. Both plans included 8 miles of paving with one program based on the percentile amount of dirt roads within a district and the other with an equal amount of paving for each district.

It was noted that the equal amount factor there would be approximately 1.6 miles of paving afforded each district. Under the other program Districts 1 and 3 would get the lion’s share of paving. District 2 would get about the same amount of paving regardless of which plan was adopted and Districts 4 and 5 would come up very short.

Commissioner Riley forwarded a motion to adopt the percentile program. This motion died due to a lack of a second.

Discussion was resumed with Commissioner Byrd speaking. He spoke on each district gets equal amounts of paving and ultimately put that in the form of a motion. Commissioner Riley 2 this motion and a vote was called for. The vote was evenly divided with Byrd and Riley voting yes and Millender and andrews voting no.

Chairman andrews immediately declared that there would be no grant applied for and no dirt roads paved during this time. He then called for a motion to adjourn which met with approval. A total of 8 minutes from start to finish and included all the nice things done at the beginning of a meeting.

Andrews killed any type of discussion, compromise or anything else by closing the meeting instead of trying to reach any mutual ground by discussion.

Remember voting public, you’re the one that elected this to represent you.

But I digress; chairman andrews immediately launched an assault on Commissioner Millender accusing him of having been the one that killed the meeting, grant request and road paving. Mr. Millender quickly fired back that as he recalled it andrews had also voted not on the motion. Mr. Millender asked andrews if he made up his own mind how to vote or if he waited to see which way someone else voted. Millender went on to tell andrews that his vote was his vote and he would cast it in a manner he felt was best for the county.

A tit for tat went on for a few minutes then Thad House interjected from the audience his thoughts and feelings. Mr. House continued on addressing the commission, primarily Mr. Millender about the paving of roads. Finally Commissioner Millender asked the chairman just how he planned to conduct this meeting. At which time andrews came out of his grinning stupor and called the meeting back to order.

andrews called for an Executive Session and received a positive ballot from four commissioners, Commissioner Millender was the dissenting vote. No time limit estimated and no idea if a vote will follow. After approximately 1 hour the body returned to regular session.

Immediately motion to pay for the paving of 5 miles of dirt road was made, seconded and passed by a 3-2 vote. Commissioner Campbell stated he preferred to take care of the current paved roads rather than pave more and chairman andrews voted against the paving. The three other commissioners voted in favor.

Motion to adjourn honored at 11:51 AM