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Commission Work Session 14 July 2020


Work session opened at 9 AM by Chairman Millender:

1. Mr. Anthony Tames, Conecuh County Preventions Coalition.

Mr. Tames came before the commission body in the past and was told to check with Circuit Judge Weaver about his request.

Mr. Tames stated he had a long discussion with Judge Weaver and that the Judge was highly in favor of his prevention program.

Mr. Tames is in search of office space to work out of, furniture for that space, advertising funds, vehicle and other items.

Mr. Tames admitted this program is a new program and will be based on a trial and error aspect. He said the possibility for grants may exist as the program expands and grows.

Chairman Millender noted our budget just took a terrible hit, money is short but the commission is willing to work with Mr. Tames.

Commissioner Riley asked if the safe room could possibly be available on a part-time usage basis.

This issue will have to be looked at from a few different aspects to get something worked out. Tabled for now.

2. David Jackson, Circuit Clerk.

Mr. Jackson came to discuss what would be the best way to provide both himself and his office the best quality needed for social distancing. Mr. Jackson is content with the actions taken to protect his staff but is worried about the area leading into his office space and seeks guidance from the commission on the best angle.

The Revenue Commissioner has similar office spaces that have been modified to meet the requirements. Mr. Jackson noted the cost to the do the Revenue Commissioners office is much cheaper than that quoted him.

The Clerk and Commissioners listened to cost factors and plan to take action to get Mr. Jackson and his staff taken care of.

3. An agenda item dealing with following Handbook Procedures was next. It was determined it would be in best interest to postpone this item until the next work session.

Meeting adjourned 9:40 AM