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Commission Work Session Monday, 8 October 2018

The 1 of the newly organized works session/commission meetings got underway with Chairman Andrews calling it to order at 9 AM.

Chairman Andrews introduced a letter received from Dr. Kent Hovind, Creation Science Evangelism Ministries addressing an invoice for repair to public road Pearl Lane in the Lenox Community. This repair was made necessary by unauthorized work done by someone representing Dr. Hovind’s Dinosaur Adventure Land group. The basic contents of the letter will be posted with this report.

There was an agenda printed for the meeting listing an appearance by Dr. Zickeyous Byrd, Superintendent of Schools and County Engineer Winston Foshee to discuss the bridge on County Road 63.

Mr. Byrd was not present so the chairman called on Mr. Foshee for his report.

Mr. Foshee reported the estimated cost of the repair for the C. R. 63 bridge was ½ million dollars. This bridge was collapsed when an overweight county truck crossed it.

Mr. Foshee recommended contract bids for the repair be let in November, approved in December with work to probably start in January. He figured this would be a project till completion, provided there were no mitigating circumstances.

Mr. Foshee recommended the entire project be given to the contractor and the county, other than monitoring the work, stay out of the way of the project with the exception of furnishing the material needed.

Commissioner Riley asked Mr. Foshee what other paving projects were in line for completion this year.

Chairman Andrews pointed out that the agenda only mentioned 2 items and operating procedure was to follow the agenda.

Commissioner Millender spoke up saying this was a work session, there was no approved agenda to start with and the meeting was devised to bring forth issues that could/should/would be covered at the commission meeting scheduled for the next day. He recommended that any issues necessary be brought before the commission on this working meeting so the actual commission meeting could be streamlined and completed in a timelier manner than was the norm.

After all the commissioners agreed this meeting should not be limited to the agenda items but opened to cover any issues coming before the commission the following day.

With that out of the Foshee presented his plans for road paving and rework for the coming year.

Mr. Foshee also reminded the commissioner that, in accordance with their contract with Woods LLC, new dump trucks will be coming in June. 6 Kenworth, automatic transmission dump trucks, will be purchased and the current trucks will be sold.

Mr. Foshee recommended to the commission body that the low bidder on all issues opened at the previous commission meeting be awarded the bidder in their respective areas with the exception of the asphalt bid. He recommended that both bidders be awarded that bid. His reasoning was, if the contract was awarded to one company, that company could be busy when the county needed the work. By awarding it to 2 companies it should ensure the county can get asphalt moved when it was needed.

The commissioners agreed Mr. Foshee had a good point and they would consider it and vote at the scheduled meeting on Tuesday.

It was noted Robbie’s Dozier Service had won which includes pickup and delivery of asphalt.

Commissioner Millender spoke on the animal shelter and its restoration and how well it has come along. He suggested the commission go in to look it over at the completion of the current meeting. (This was agreed upon by all).

It was also discussed reviewing, correcting and updating the animal shelter handbook. This project is scheduled to be on the forefront for the next scheduled working meeting.

There seemed to be no further business at this time and Dr. Byrd had not shown up. Chairman Andrews suggested they recess and look at the animal shelter and, should Dr. Byrd show up, they could meet with him.

This was agreed to by all commissioners.

Dr. Byrd did not show up, meeting was adjourned at 10:51

Add on from Dr. Dino's Drivel: