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Commission Work Session 26 Nov 2018

Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Andrews.

Agenda Items:

1. Winston Foshee, County Engineer was unavailable for the meeting.

County Administrator noted that Mr. Foshee had calculated the figures for the County Road 43 repair to the tune of $151,942.60. This amount is unavailable at this moment. Ms. Brown is going to review the budget and see where this money could be pulled from. Will be on the agenda tomorrow.

2. County Administrator:

Ms. Brown announced there were no bids made on work to be done to the David Burt Building. The repair prices will remain the same until the lease expires in 2020. Will be on the agenda tomorrow. Late note, Bidder did show up, was left unopened and business was postponed until a later date.

3. DHR Lease- Scheduled to run from 1 Feb-30 Sep 2019 at a rate of $13,281.00 per annum. Agenda item.

4. A payment for $1,355.++ was submitted for road damage to Pearl Lane by Dinosaur Adventure Land. This paid the bill in full.

5. Baldwin County invoice for housing juveniles….$3,255.00. This is the price we must pay to house juveniles that are walking the wrong side of the law. Amazing how some people just like Baldwin County facilities considering how they are repeat customers. Remember, this takes money from the county and harms our Conecuh citizens simply because someone falls short in the parenting efforts. Agenda item for tomorrow’s meeting

6. Cooling tower needs cleaning… Cost $1,872.20. Agenda item for tomorrow.

County Attorney:

Anthony Bishop noted the only thing he had to comment on was the Pearl Lane payment. He is waiting for an opinion to a question posed to the Attorney General’s office. He was directed to do a follow-up letter to the A. G. requesting a response.

Commissioners Comments and Announcements:

Chairman Andrews noted that an understanding between the IDB, City of Evergreen and the County Commission was initiated to gather funds to refurbish the “Old Gerber Building” and bring it to a status whereby it was customer ready for industry. It has been determined the counties share is $7,100.00. This will be addressed at tomorrow’s meeting. The City of Evergreen and the IDB are to commit to these figures prior to the county taking any further action. It was also determined the IDB actually owns the building.

It was noted that Ms. Forniss who appeared at the last work session had been very dynamic in her presentation and with her ideas on the arena. It was noted the plans and ideas Ms. Forniss laid out were going to be too big for the land area currently being considered for an arena. It was suggested and adopted that a search for a place undertaken.

there are no in-house applications for the position of Chief Impounding Officer. As of this job can be opened for public applications. It must and will be advertised. The job description was re-reviewed to ensure that anyone applying for the job will know that the person in this job will become euthanasia qualified and agree to perform the same in the normal operation of their job.

Discussion of the hours of operation of the Animal Shelter also covered. To be addressed at the regular meeting on Tuesday.

Chairman Andrews advised the commission body there would be a ribbon cutting after tomorrow’s meeting.

News Media:

For the benefit for commissions that did not serve during the last election cycle, I reminded them that the county had already given $175,000.00 for getting the “Old Gerber Building” prepared for industry. I also reminded them this was a loan to the IDB who supposedly had no money but yet promised to pay the county back by 1 Jan. 2013. This payment is still an outstanding debt but for some reason the IDB now has money!!!!! What’s up with all of this??? Your tax dollars at work.

Adjourn: 10:12 AM