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Conecuh County Commission Work Session 22 Oct 2018

The informal meeting opened at 9 AM.

Dr. Byrd was supposed to be first on the schedule but he was tardy in getting there so EMA Director Johnny Brock kicked the meeting off with a report on the recently installed camera system. He noted the installer has left the old camera’s wired in place. When the camera goes out it’s a simple replacement to keep operating.

Mr. Brock said if another monitor was needed it could be put in service.

Commissioner Millender noted that the old system had a higher security level to it by it was maintained in a room in the courthouse with limited access. By keeping the system in a secure area the sheriff or other authorized persons could view and/or recover film should there have been a problem.

Mr. Brock will be checking on doing this and getting back to the commission.

Mr. Brock also asked about furniture for the safe room. He and Ms. Brown will work this out.

Dr. Zickeyous Byrd came before the commission to discuss of students in the school system. He noted Governor Ivey has authorized Principal of schools to be armed if they so desired. Dr. Byrd does not approve of having weapons in school, therefore Conecuh has opted not to arm anyone on campus.

Dr. Byrd desires the different law enforcement agencies in the county to keep a “check” on the schools and show some presences at them.

After it was determined that Dr. Byrd, Commissioner Millender Sheriff Brock would meet and seek a solution.

County Engineer Foshee came before the board to discuss pay for the “on call” crews during their turn at duty. It was recommended that they receive 6 hours of pay for that week (not to interfere with their call out pay). This will be addressed at the commission meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 23 Oct.

Mr. Foshee reported on the Bull Slough Bridge. It is termed a fracture structural bridge and as such, it is required by the state that it strenuous inspections. He noted that he is not in a position to be able to conduct these inspections and suggested outsourcing the job to a company. By fracture structural bridge, it means that even one crack in it can cause it to collapse. It is also a 3 Ton bridge and everyone knows it is often subjected to much heavier weights. This will be addressed at the regular meeting tomorrow.

Mr. Foshee noted there is one more federal aid project for the county. That is the resurfacing of C. R. 43 from the Brooklyn Road to Simmons Creek.

County Administrator Brown advised the commission that Auburn will be sending job descriptions to the county. It was recommended these descriptions be given to Department Heads for their review and recommendations then returned to the Admin office for the review and implementation

Ms. Brown advised the Commissioners that there are some problems dealing with outgoing mail.

She has the stamp machine for the county for the free stamping of official mail. It seems that other departments think because they have to bring their mail there to have it stamped, that is all they are supposed to do. It has gotten to the point that all outgoing mail is being put upon the admin office to include personal mail.

Stand by for a motion to be passed tomorrow dealing with this situation. I expect it to change ASAP.

Ms. Brown reminded the commission that the next scheduled work session is for 12 November which will be the off day for the Veterans Day this year. It was recommended to move the work session to Tuesday 13 Nov and hold the regular meeting on 14 November.

Ms. Brown also noted that the regular scheduled Washington D. C. conference was coming soon. She asked that anyone going please contact her so she can make reservations.

Attorney Anthony Bishop had nothing to report.

Under the heading of commissioners comments and the Animal Shelter was a strong topic of discussion. Commissioner Millender asked what were the rules and guidelines to be followed with the animal shelter. High on the list was the fact it’s a Conecuh County facility and is in place for Conecuh County animals. No animals from other counties are to be inducted.

The current standard is for an animal to be held 120 days before it can be euthanized. This was considered to be an excess amount of time considering the limited amount of space the shelter has, however a firm time frame to hold animals was not established.

Commissioner Riley talked of scheduling. He believes the shelter should be open for adoption hours than scheduled now.

It was mentioned that the county could outsource the management of the facility. This idea is under heavy consideration and Commissioner Riley will investigate how it could work to our advantage and present his findings at a later time.

It was determined the sheriff should be on hand for the next work session to discuss what part of the sheriff’s department will fall under the new employee handbook.

Commissioner Campbell talked about the sausage festival and the participation young people from the county during the calf show and other items at the festival. Mr. Campbell noted no progress has been made on getting an arena or any other facility for our young farmers to ply their wares. Mr. Riley said he could make arrangements for a lady to come before the commission to advise them on ways they could raise the money for an arena. It was agreed that Mr. Riley and see if they could be present at the next work session.

A discussion on the pickup of funeral signs was held. It was determined if the district commissioner could not the signs the engineering department should be called.

Commissioner Byrd noted that at a recent accident site 2 first responders that worked for the city received injuries making them unfit to perform their normal assigned duties and workman’s comp did not cover their pay.

For the benefit of all, read and heed. Workman’s comp furnished by the county or city covers you when you are at your normal work. It does not cover you when you are involved in some other activity. It is commendable that our people serve in a volunteer status as 1 but keep in mind, your job comp will not pay you.

It was determined the next work session will be 13 Nov with the meeting on 14 Nov.

Meeting dismissed.