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Saturday, 13 April 2013

I've got to really think hard on how to handle this posting and I must be somewhat guarded in how I post but it's news and by gollies, that's what this site is supposed to be about.

First, let me say this. Evidently my postings of "Who Do You Think You Are" and "Testicular Fortitude" must have foraged some impact on the Chairman of the County Commission, David Cook, if the information I received is true. I've been told he went to the person that had "liked" my face book page and apologized to them. I'm a little unsure if that was on the recommendation of the Mayor of if he spiked and finally attained a little testicular fortitude. At least that's one step in the right direction toward achieving the lower rung of manhood. Thank you for the apology given that should have been unnecessary had there been any decency in you to start with.

Along the lines of the apology to that person, I remind you my wife and I are still waiting for the one about how the commission singled us out and had us patted down for almost two weeks until I wrote you a letter. Try to be a real man and step up to that one, even you know it's the right thing.

Now for the latest.

I just want everyone to know that yesterday afternoon (Friday) after5 PM, I was picked up on an arrest warrant for interference with custody. This warrant had been issued on Thursday the 11th. I actually had been in town on Friday doing one thing or another including taking my wife to her work place for her last day. Wonder why they had to wait so late on a Friday to pick me up. One good thing about it, I was told when I was arrested I could be bonded out to jail we go.

Before we go any further I do want to say one thing, I can not remember when I have been treated with more respect than that afforded me by the officer that arrested me (Deputy Wesley Barnes) or with the crew working the booking section at the jail. Their actions were courteous, professional and orderly at all times and I was treated with dignity and respect. For that I thank you all.

True to their word, I was allowed to make bond and was released shortly past 7 PM. Based on the sheriff's decision, I was required to surrender my concealed weapon permit, something they've been looking for an excuse to pull for a month or so.

I was unsure what I would need to bond out so I made some pretty quick phone calls on my way up and I do need to thank a few people who responded to my calls for help. Either fortunately or unfortunately, I'm not going to put their names out here for review just to keep them from facing potential threats or retaliation from a wonderful group of two faced folks. I had several people I called but, due to the day and time, they were unavailable 'cause I'm sure I could have gotten more to come if needed but as it worked out, my true and faithful partner Tess bonded me out.

A quick word about Tess. We've been married for more than 44 years now. She's always been by my side regardless of what has happened and I don't think she will move away. That's what makes the current board of commissioners so despicable for their actions. Remember Friday was her last day at work. She wasn't let go for any reason other than she was married to me and they, big men without testicular fortitude, used her as a pawn to get at me.

I digress so let me attempt to focus back to the present. My arrest warrant was issued based on the statement of Terry Thomas Gray, father of the children I allegedly interfered with. It primarily states that I enticed his two children, ages 9 and 5, from his lawful custody. Well, I'll only say this about that and then let it lie till we see what the courts want to do. It's mighty hard to entice children left on the street from someone not on hand.

I will go on to expound that I know what's happening here. Terry is nothing more than a pawn in the scheme of things. This bus is being driven by someone else and I've got that figured out too. I'm going to suggest to all, don't stand in front of the fan if you don't want to get it on you 'cause when it hits, it's gonna splatter..

These actions are being taken in an attempt to teach me a lesson and get me under control so they can continue their lawless ways. Ain't worked before, find it doubtful now.

I have one more thing I wish to include in this post and I hope it will be food for thought for some. It deals with false police reports. 

Consequences and Penalties

Minor infractions, like lying about a misdemeanor offense, usually results in a similar misdemeanor charge. Lying about felony offenses can result in felony level charges. Misdemeanor punishment can result in a sentence ranging from probation to a year or two in county jail. Felony punishment can also result in probation, but a much higher prison sentence, from two to ten years.

Many false report charges come with severe civil penalties. Defendants, like runaway brides, have not only been given stiff probations, they have also been ordered to reimburse communities that expended funds to deal with the crisis created by the false report. Defendants that lie during custody disputes can actually end up losing custody of their children if the lie is exposed. In addition to the criminal charges, a civil judge can also impose civil sanctions like the payment of attorney’s fees and contempt of court for filing a false report that is connected to a civil suit.

Filing a false report can also result in a separate civil suit. If a defendant falsely accuses someone of crime, which resulted in their being arrested and/or losing their jobs, then a defendant could be held financially liable for defamation. In any filing of a false report case, a defendant could find themselves defending an expensive civil and a criminal suit at the same time.


The bottom line is, despite how desperate your situation is, filing a false police report is not the answer and doing so can have long-term financial and criminal consequences. If you do file a police report and you later learn that information you provided was incorrect, contact the originating agency as quickly as possible to correct your mistake. The longer you wait, the more it will look like you were intentionally trying to deceive law enforcement. If you have been charged with filing a false report, contact a criminal attorney as soon as possible.

In closing today let me say this. For those who are driving the bus, what are you going to do when things get so hot someone turns on you and leaves you flapping in the breeze?