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City Council Meeting 4 September 2018

Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.

Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff. Roll call showed all members present.

Approval of previous minutes:

The minutes of the 21 August 2018 meeting was approved by unanimous vote.

Mayor’s Report and Comments:

Mayor Wolff recognized Compliance Officer McNeil and asked him to speak the complaints of grass clippings being discharged into the roadways.

Mr. McNeil reported that although the city had passed an ordinance making it illegal to discharge grass clippings into the roadway, the attorney who compiled the ordinance had not included any penalties for disobeying it. Mayor Wolff directed Mr. McNeil to contact other cities and find out how they were dealing with the situation.

The major concern with people violating this ordinance is the unsightly mess it makes on Evergreen’s streets plus it is causing extra work and expenses of having the street sweeper make additional trips to clean the streets.

The Mediacom committee had their second meeting on the last Monday in August. The person that had been representing Mediacom is no longing going to be there, Mr. Christopher Lord is the new representative.

It is typical for all cities to have a franchise agreement with Mediacom. Negotiations, as ironed out between Mediacom and city, will put them operating on a 10-year agreement schedule. In conjunction with this Mediacom has agreed to attempt to get WSFA TV Montgomery into Evergreen.

It was noted that Mediacom has increased their prices by $10.00. This is not unique to Evergreen but to all areas using Mediacom.

The talk of the Mediacom negotiations led to questions about the pole usage contract currently in work. It was noted that nothing could be accomplished on this contract until OSMOSE has completed their pole count and usage contract. It was noted that OSMOSE is on track to get the pole/usage count contract to Attorney Hartley by Friday then they can progress getting the information to the city.

Accidents at the Love’s Truck Stop/Fairview area have increased. Upon investigating the projects it has been determined the Love’s area falls under the Montgomery ALADOT District and Fairview falls under the Mobile ALADOT District. Mr. Ryland will conduct a follow-up on this and see if anything can possibly be worked out to improve the traffic pattern in the area.


Mayor Wolff suggested to the council that they consider having a trunk or treat in the no man’s land area of downtown vice having door to door. If the council will agree, he will attempt to get the Chamber of Commerce and some merchants involved.

A training session will take place Wednesday, 5 September 2018 from 7 AM until 9 AM. City Hall will be closed during this time. This will allow all employees to be trained at the same time on the new software.

New Business:

Fountain has received complaints about a lack of visibility driving on Park Street because of trees not being trimmed back. Mayor Wolff said he would ensure action was taken to correct the situation.

Davis requested a call to discuss why certain pay records were being denied to council members. Mayor Wolff denied the request for because the attorney was not available. He informed Ms. Davis that anything she wished to discuss could be covered in the open meeting.

City Clerk Smith stated she agreed with the council and that pay records should be available to the council, they are public records with the exception of certain information that could be contained therein, i.e., tax information, social security numbers deductions.

Ms. Smith has sent emails to the league inquiring about this situation and was unsuccessful in getting an answer to her questions. She made numerous phone calls to the League of Municipalities attorneys and the only thing she found out was the Taxpayer Bill of Rights requires confidentiality of information on some items are not to be made available to the public.

Ms. Smith offered a suggestion to Mayor Wolff that she be allowed to trim these statements by cutting off the non-public information however the mayor did not like this idea. No other solutions were offered. (IT’S CALLED REDACTING AND YOU BLACK IT OUT).

The very software they are receiving training on can be set up to leave out the confidential items. Sounds like problem solved.

This pay situation should be reconciled by the next meeting and Mayor Wolff said he would personally ensure everyone gets a copy.

Mayor Wolff has taken on the responsibility of watching all overtime for the next 30 days. Ms. Smith also noted that any council person wanting to see the overtime sheets can see her. The overtime sheets are attached to the pay records and they can review them at their leisure.

Accounts Payable:

Caylor voted nay on approving the accounts payable due to the same problem as meeting, that of the new Park Superintendent Gray receiving travel pay for using his private vehicle for work purposes. Mayor Wolff assured Council person Caylor this should be the last time this happens as the new truck for the superintendent had come in.

Adjourn: 6:40 PM

Personal opinion: It seems our city form of government is too busy pointing fingers about this person got this or that person got that. No sense of working together for the common good survives. I would like to see everyone from the mayor and council to make a concentrated effort to work together with each other and their counterparts in other areas of local government and quit the petty bickering and back door deals and make decisions that are good for Evergreen’s citizens as well as the citizens in the county.

It seems each time any type of census is taken our population drops countywide. It’s not the old folks that are leaving but our youth. Pretty soon we’ll have some very limited choices in who to vote for and expect them to be old enough they’ll only get one term. Little opportunity for change then. Wake up people, your vote has consequences.