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Evergreen’s Law Suit Follow-up

Well, it’s now official. The Federal Lawsuit filed in Mobile District actually lives and people have been served. I’m still unable to obtain a copy of the full suit but I have ascertained that notice has been afforded those being sued in certain instances.

It appears that a couple of the folks listed in the suit have yet to receive their notification but, as I understand it, that’s because of a problem with their addresses. I encourage them not to give up home, coming.

I’m not sure why some of these other notifications have not been made but would venture a guess that perhaps the head or chairperson of the different organizations named such as the City Council, IDB, County Commission, Chamber of Commerce, etc. may have received a copy of the lawsuit.

I’ve heard there are in excess of 15 pages of charges but I cannot verify that at this time.

It can’t be kept silent forever, sooner or later it’s got to come to light.

Now you know.