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Everyone, let me take a moment to apologize to a whole bunch of people out there, THOSE WHO SUPPORT ME.

Forgive me for being so caught up in the poor me syndrome since the postponement of my trial. I've been so busy feeling sorry for myself I haven't taken time out to say THANK YOU to those that are just as concerned for me and my well-being as I am and just as upset over this delaying tactic as my lawyer and I. The phone calls and visits are appreciated and I appreciate your faith in me. Again, please forgive me for the late thank you..

I don't think it would be a surprise to anyone for me to fight back and, thankfully, I've been blessed with an attorney that, even though he's kind of quiet, has pretty much the same attitude I do.

Together we're working on a plan that will show people what we have representing us in certain elected offices. I only hope their memories will hang over through the upcoming elections and then into the ones following. If you think your memory is going faulty, come back here, I'll refresh it for you.

With that said and done, here is a filing my attorney posted yesterday.

I'm not sure if the D. A. has had the opportunity to deal with Judge McKathan or not but I've observed the Judge in the past and he is a no nonsense person. Careful prosecution, to much malarkey and you'll get caught up in a chewing.

Not a more fair and honest person in the world I can think of and something these folks may not be used to dealing with.