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Here it is Saturday morning and nothing really new has happened other than the Evergreen Courant wrote an article about my arrest. I can't say a single thing bad about them writing it, it is their job to report the news and if they think that is news then it's their duty to report it.

I must say the article does not paint me out to be the ogre certain folks would like for others to think I am. In fact, the article is factual and well written but I understand the reporter making it has received some phone calls of complaint. Hard to satisfy a megalomanic.

I've been to the Government Center a couple of times this week. Sadly the computer for public use in the Circuit Clerks office is down. Hopefully they will get this valuable tool functioning again soon.

Popular word around the Government Center is one of the commissioners is crowing about how he's got me right where he wants me and he's bragging that the former D.A. is next. Folks, sometime when you crow to loudly the hawk will hear you, swoop down and heaven help you 'cause all that's left is a batch of feathers.

I posted a reference in a previous story (Consequences, more to follow) dealing with perjered statements and actions that can be taken on them. With the plethora of lies surfacing it's going to be difficult to keep them straight and when those get broken down I sincerely believe the truth will reveal who is directly behind this ongoing attempt at persecution of me. When that happens you may stand by for the fat lady to sing.

I still hold a belief in the American Justice system regardless of who you may be kin too.

I'd like to personally thank those who have called, emailed and visited me to offer assistance and words of encouragement. I can't help but feel that soon the facts will come out and things will move forward then.

Oh yes, for Eddie Johns, don't worry, I'm on the verge of finding out your real identity through a friend very familiar with tracking down little cyber dudes and when I do discover your real identity I'm going to publish it regardless of who you are. Have your fun on face book now 'cause you may be in a position to sing a different tune soon.

See y'all at the Commission work session, 3 PM Monday afternoon with meeting to follow at 5 PM.