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Judge Kavanaugh

After watching the “hearings” today dealing with the accusations levied against Judge Kavanaugh from alleged wrongdoings over 30 years ago I am dumbfounded and confused over just what the heck is the American voting public going to do to rein things in.

Having undergone almost 5 years of hell from false accusations myself, I can understand how the Judge is upset and disturbed over these, so far, baseless charges.

I listened carefully to Dr. Ford and her presentation. Her ability to spin a tail is good and what she had to say may well be true but I absolutely believe she did not establish any facts that placed Judge Kavanaugh as the perpetrator of any “sexual” harassment toward her. She is unable to get anyone to collaborate her version of what happened in her tale even though she gives names. The names she gives as witnesses either deny or refuse to come forward to confirm her story.

Much like the boy that cried wolf, Dr. Ford is a still and lonely voice crying out over something that no one else can or has seen.

Senator Doug Jones is one of our Congressmen from Alabama and before the echoes of today’s hearings have diminished and faded, he’s already stated that he will vote no against Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Anyone that would argue our electoral system is not in shambles and our government is not broken is a fool. What has it this way? People being too blind to see that we cannot continue to divide ourselves along ethnically lines and party lines. Until we can accept an equality factor in our lives we will flail about and wreck more things than we fix.

As long as we must align ourselves along party lines we are doomed to failure. Ask any Democrat what they think about deficits then ask any Republican what they think about deficits. Both of them are going to reply they hate deficits. If both Democrats and Republicans hate deficits and they’re the ones in charge, why do we have deficits? It’s simply because one party can’t stand for another party to actually fix something wrong in our country.

In light of Congressman Jones already stated line of opposition I encourage every Alabamian to contact Congressman Jones and give him input on how he should act and vote. I simply ask those contacting the Congressman to review these hearings and pay attention to what is being said and done. If, at the end of an objective view/review of today’s hearing you feel that Dr. Ford proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Judge Kavanaugh molested her in any way tell Congressman Jones to go forward with his vote as is.

However, if you feel that there was no discernable proof of Judge Kavanaugh’s guilt, let Congressman Jones know that he should reconsider his vote.

To contact Congressman Jones via email, go to this website: .

I personally sent Congressman Jones an email encouraging him to review all the information to date. I told him I failed to see where Dr. Ford had done anything more than make unfounded accusations. I also informed Congressman Jones that if he could not see through this sham and wanted to cling to party lines to stop the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, at his next election cycle it would be my pleasure to treat him the same way I treated Luther Strange and see if I can put him in the unemployment line.

Again, review this travesty of a hearing, evaluate it realistically and encourage your congressional representative to vote correctly.