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Just to brush the public up on a few things that happened this month so far as meetings go.

On Monday 2 July the County Commission held a Special Call Meeting. The topic of discussion was dealing with the paving of dirt roads within the county.

The people present for this meeting consisted of 4 of the commissioners, Mr. Campbell of District 1 was not in attendance.

New chairman andrews called the meeting to order at 9 AM and offered an invocation followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Roll call showed all members were present with the exception of Mr. Campbell as noted before.

After the meeting was called to order andrews recognized grant writer Cara Stallman. Ms. Stallman stated she thought this meeting was called to determine if, when and who would be doing the paving. She noted the grant has yet to be submitted because we need to determine which roads will be recommended. She also stated that the more residents and houses affected would enhance the appearance of the request.

County Engineer Foshee was called on next. Mr. Foshee had developed two plans for the use of any funding we may have dealing with new paving of roads.

One plan dealt with giving each district a percentage factor based on the amount of dirt roads within the district. This would make Districts 1 and 3 the big winner due to the amount of dirt roads contained in these areas. District 2 is in the unique position that it does not matter which method is used, their amount of repair will be approximately the same regardless. Districts 4 and 5 would have such a small amount it would be useless to attempt to do any paving.

Commissioner Riley introduced a motion that the method used be the program based on a percentage factor. This motion died due to a lack of a 2.

Commissioner Byrd talked about trying to do the right thing for the citizens of all districts and allow the money to be given to each district in an equally divided manner.

Commissioner Riley seconded this motion and when a vote was called for both Byrd and Riley voted in the affirmative for the motion. Millender and andrews voted together to deny the motion. Motion failed due to a non-majority vote.

Chairman andrews stated that we would not be doing any dirt road paving during this budget time and there would be no grant request for road paving under his tenure as chairman.

Chairman andrews asked for a motion to adjourn which was offered. Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 AM.

My personal opinion, I feel the commission should have continued in an attempt to solve this problem. Andrews could have always asked “what would it take to get a motion passed with this group of people. As it stands now there will be no paving done in the county unless some type of change is offered.

Sid Lambert and the Animal Shelter meeting.

All members of the merit board showed up for the scheduled meeting dealing with Mr. Lamberts request for job reinstatement.

Attorney Bishop showed up a few minutes late and informed the merit board members there would be no hearing this afternoon. About this time Mr. Bishop received a phone call from Attorney McPhillips. Mr. Phillips expressed regrets that the hearing could not go forward this afternoon but his client, Mr. Lambert, was currently hospitalized at the Tuskegee VA Hospital under psychiatric care. Mr. McPhillips made a request for a continuance which was agreed to by the board.

Situation to be revisited in the near future.