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Why I Love Ground Hog Day

Tomorrow, February 2nd, will be the fifth anniversary of the day the Alabama Attorney General, the 35th Judicial Circuit District Attorney, lying Terry Gray and all those clumps of crap had a curve thrown into their little ball game to have my reputation destroyed and put me in prison collapsed.

On Ground Hog's Day 2014, based on motions submitted by my Attorney Kevin McKinley, Judge Ashley McKathan had no choice but to set aside the finding of the first trial and admit that illegal people sat on my jury. He ordered a new trial for me and, after the prosecution put on their dog and pony show, the judge stated they had no viable charges, dismissed the jury and dismissed the case against me.

Now, let's see what's going on with those that did all they could to get me off the scene. David Cook lost his commissioners bid during the next voting cycle, Johnny Andrews is still facing 6 charges of drug distribution after his arrest by the ABI, (I feel this is all swept under the rug and has gone away), Rebecca Bennett with Southern Pine was caught dipping her fingers in the till and lost that nice, inside job she had. I know she went through truck driving school at Reid State and, to the best of my knowledge, is now a steering wheel holder somewhere. "Chief Investigator" Mike Ellis is no longer the Chief Investigator. Mayor Wolff told me he had to remove him from that position due to incompetence, the same thing I'd told the Mayor about during my dealings with him.

And for the crowning touch, Lying Terry Gray is still facing trial for Rape in the 2nd degree, better known as statutory rape. He's only been in this position since March of 2016.

He is scheduled to go on trial 16 March 2020. Think I'll be on hand to see what happens to him.

Just to let the tax payers know, Gray milked the system by having a court appointed attorney until the later part of 2019.That means we, the tax payers, paid for his attorney as the D. A. drug his feet. He was scheduled to go on trial twice before the 16 March date but each time it got slid to another term. The last time it was rescheduled was because Gray fired his free attorney (the one we paid for) and hired his own.

Personally I hope they thrown him in the cell with Budda the butt buster and I'll gladly furnish the vaseline (with a little sand in it).

Karma can make it a round trip.