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Murder Trial Over

Well, the big murder trial that delayed my going to court is over.

After seating the jury this AM and then killing enough time, folks went to lunch. On their return Judge Weaver announced to them that during lunch the defendant pleaded guilty and was given a life sentence. That took care of that.

Judge Weaver took time out to explain how and why the system worked the way it did and how things came to a conclusion with this person. He made it a point to personally thank each and every juror for their service and civic duty.

Another win for the District Attorney??? I wouldn't think so, he still hasn't had to try a case for how long?

I raise the question again, 3 attorney's assigned to the D. A.'s office, 3 court rooms in the Government Center and we get put off? Why? My guess is the D. A. just doesn't trust anyone to go after me but himself, my gosh, he can nail the S. O. B. of the Year and the best Good Samaritan of the year all at the same time. What a feather in his cap. Hope he doesn't lose his cap.