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Well, it’s been a while since I just went into a rant so without wasting more time, let’s do it now.


Let’s start with our do nothing District Attorney, Steve Waddlington. Appointed to the office when Tommy Chapman relinquished it, Waddlington has done nothing other than kowtow and play kissy butt to a couple of commissioners by selling his integrity down the drain to and allowing them to persecute me in return for promises of them getting their districts to vote for him in the 2016 District Attorney race. What’s really funny is, he didn’t have to soil himself to win, no one ran against him. I think they call that winning by default.

Let’s move on with his involvement in my phony “Interference with Custody” charge that, after having spent many thousands of dollars and several years defending against, I was exonerated, no thanks to Waddlington. He got those commissioners, who, by the way were David Cook and Johnny Andrews, exactly what they wanted when he led the grand jury to indict me. Then his true colors came out as he recused himself from the case and turned it over to the Alabama Attorney General who sent their biggest, baddest, most racist prosecutor down to Evergreen to carry forward for him (Waddlington) of little to no cohonies.

Between my lawyer and I, we really blew it on jury selection for my first trial. I was foolish enough to think that an all-black jury would be able to see through the foolishness and lies of the states chief witness, Terry “the truth ain’t in me” Gray, and do the right thing. Needless to say the all black jury became enthralled with the black prosecutor and left my white tail flapping in the breeze. You can figure when the jury is passing drinks, chips and other food stuff around the jury box they can’t be listening to the testimony. And yep, sure enough I was convicted, sentenced to 3 years in prison, reduced to 5 year probation and sent to pasture, however, I appealed the decision based on the fact that the law had been applied improperly and out of context.

Before my appeal could reach the appellate court I discovered illegal jurors had been seated on my trial. I attribute that to the prosecution was in such a hurry to bury me they were willing to put what they wanted into the jury box and I didn’t have enough strikes to keep them out. Needless to say my appeal was never heard. My attorney and I put in a motion to set aside the verdict based on the fact of those illegal jurors and, during a motion hearing on Ground Hog Day in 2015 in Andalusia court house to accommodate the judge, my guilty verdict was set aside and a new trial ordered.

What’s happened since then with those who aligned themselves against me in an attempt to totally discredit me? There is of course David Cook, former commissioner of District 2 who developed into a one term wonder. Current District 3 Commissioner John W. Andrews, Jr. facing 6 drug distribution counts and his case is being pursued by the Attorney General’s office. In Andrew’s case they are doing everything possible to keep everything secret. In fact I sincerely believe had I not gotten wind of his arrest it would have never seen the light of day. Let us not forget Terry Thomas Gray, almost portrayed by the Assistant Attorney General Stephanie Billingslea as a front running candidate for “Father of the Year.” I’ll take Gray up below when I revert back to Waddlington.

Proof positive everyone in the justice system is not completely insolvent and stupid, the new judge at the next trial listened to the prosecution’s case then granted a motion from my attorney to dismiss saying they (the prosecution) had no case.

I said this rant was about “Don’t Go To Trial” Waddlington and I allowed myself to stray somewhat away from him. Pause…..Refocus……OK.

It seems the A. G.’s star witness, Terry Gray, has his own legal problems now.

In 2015 I found out Gray was involved with a 14 year girl. I approached the sheriff’s office and gave them this information. I kept going back to see if anything was being done with my information and came to the sad conclusion there was no activity from the sheriff’s department. About 1 year later, in March of 2016, Gray was arrested by a City of Evergreen Police Officer and booked in the local jail under charges of Rape in the 2 (The old Statutory Rape Category) and an especial favorite of mine, Interference of Custody. Finally something was being done to get a predator off the street.

Gray ultimately made bond through Lett Bonding Company. He was released from jail on a $5,000.00 bond and the Interference with Custody charge disappeared. I say again, a $5,000.00 bond for Rape 2????

Gray went before the grand jury and was indicted. He was assigned a “free” lawyer to defend him. He still has a free lawyer defending him yet his finances are very much changed as you’ll see in just a little while.

In March of 2017 Gray posted on Facebook the following picture: By the way, those are all $100.00 bills.

Now keep in mind that Gray still has an appointed lawyer representing him in the Rape 2 charge. That appointed lawyer is paid for by you and I, the tax payers.

Gray posted on his Facebook page that he’d hit the lottery but I discovered he’d been granted a disability and back pay to the date of that disability. By the way, that disability is because of a condition called “M. A. C.” M. A. C. stands for Mycobacteaium Avivm Complex Pulmonary Disease

Feel free to research it if you wish but here is the ending statement of a long explanation of the disease.


This report describes a case of severe M avium complex pulmonary disease in a patient without any pre-existing lung disease. The patient's habit of snorting Lortab tablets may have predisposed him to this infection.

Kind of funny, Gray used to see his favorite doctor who kept him supplied with a record number of Lortab tablets. Seems he managed to get himself a disability to draw money from, another draw on us, the tax payers.

Picking back up on the rant, Gray was arrested over 2 years ago and, thanks to our do nothing D. A., he still doesn’t have a court date. I figure that I might well be dead before his guilt or innocence is determined at the rate our D. A. works. At a minimum the victim will probably be drawing social security.

You would think that some action would have been taken to keep Gray away from youngsters but he’s turned right back out into our society with no constrictions placed on him.

Come on Waddlington, what’s your problem. Get off your duff and do your job.

Oh, by the way, word on the street is he won’t be running for another term when this one ends, he got what he wanted when he first bargained his integrity, a term of his own. What a way to be remembered.


Let’s wade off into the Johnny Andrews Drug thing. I know it’s not right to feel happy over someone’s misfortune but in Andrew’s case I’ll make an exception considering he was one of the very responsible parties in my having to spend a ton of money in the Terry Gray case. As I stated earlier, I don’t think anyone would have ever known about this if I hadn’t gotten the word and put it out for all to see.

Andrews is a disgrace to the county. Wherever I go and it’s found out I’m from Conecuh County people ask me just what’s going on there, what kind of idiot voters do you have to send something like that to run your government? What can I say? That falls on District 3 who had a perfectly good candidate in Budding Howington to represent them. Unfortunately that’s not who Mayor Carter had in mind as she swung her support behind Johnny.

Andrews has been caught in lie after lie since he first took office. He’s also the commissioner who had more than $5,000.00 in travel pay for his first year in office. I believe only because of my efforts and exposure he backed off on having the county pay his way from home to commissioner meetings, humane society meetings, cooperative district meetings…….you get the picture.

If Andrews had any decency about him he’d resign from the commission. Information I have tells me it’s a foregone conclusion he will be found guilty and in the interim he could move out of the way and let our county move forward.

How about it Andrews, fool all these people who are saying you have no common decency in you, show them by moving out of the way and stop making Conecuh the laughing stock of Alabama.

I’m a firm believer Andrews could be put on administrative leave until this fiasco is over or, if some of those smart people in District 3 were to put in for a recall that may well move him out of the way.