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17 November 2019

On a return from Florida on Saturday evening Tess and I started to feel the most awful pangs, the pangs of hunger. We managed to make it to one of my favorite stops, the Huddle House in Brewton. Gotta love those huddle burgers (In case anyone was interested in what I had.) A younger couple with a young child was sitting at the table across the aisle from us and having quite a (work) conversation with one of the employees, obviously friends.

We enjoyed our tastebud treats then sat around a few minutes finishing off our tea and chatting about our adventures that day. The young couple and their child left the building and I watched them go outside and get into their truck. Our waitress came over by our table to make sure everything was alright and informed us that the couple in the process of leaving had paid for our meal.

I have no idea who they were, where they were from or what possessed them to make that kind gesture (Only thing I could think of was me wearing my constant companion Viet Nam Vet ball cap). Regardless of why, it was just a super nice gesture and was wonderful capper to a really good day.

Should they happen to see this anywhere I, James Leon Windham and my wife Tess thank you from the bottom of our hearts and want you to know that you help restore our belief in human kind by this action.

Thank you for making my day great.