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If you are planning to sail the remainder of your life on that blissful sea of matrimonial happiness you need to get your stuff up to date. Yes, in today's modern world and so we don't offend anyone we need to change all the rules we grew up with and ensure everyone gets "blessed" by new GOVERNMENT regulations.

Hot off the press I have acquired a copy of a press release from our local Probate Office of impending changes to the old instrument known as "the marriage contract." Yep, for those who didn't know it when you get married you sign a contract just like you would if you were a contractor preparing to build a new shopping center or buildings or almost anything else.

The new rules for marriage makes it very easy for George and Tom or Jane and Bessie to become "married" life partners just like everyone else. Personally I think it's perfectly fair. Why should the "straight" people get all the fun. Let the others get to enjoy all the good stuff that goes with marriage.

I have a copy of the new rules and regulations dealing with marriage. If you're contemplating getting into that marital bliss situation and you already have your licenses you've got until the 29th of August to consummate (I don't want to know) or you'll need to update and get a new licenses. This one can come to be in the privacy of your home, just go out to have it notarized or invite a notary over have them sign it and turn it in and go about your business.