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Testicular Fortitude

In a normal place and a normal time voters will typically vote for the person or persons they feel will have what it takes to stand up and be counted when needed.

In some elected circles, most especially those dominated by male members, this is referred to as testicular fortitude. I'm not real sure but I'm starting to think we may have missed the boat this time around.

In all my attendance of commission meetings over the years I've seen people hired and people terminated. In the case of all those terminated it seems the responsibility of letting that employee go would fall on the commissioner of that district or the person to whom that employee worked directly.

Below is a letter my wife got in the mail today. It's unfortunate the situation played out this way because the only problem with my wife was the other name on her marriage certificate. What really makes this neat is the fact she was 3 days from becoming a merit employee but that's O.K. They did away with the position to create a new one yet the new one must first have a job description written on it, must be advertised in the newspaper for 2 weeks, applications received, evaluated and arranged in order of at least the 5 most qualified, then be interviewed by the commission body. I'd estimate a minimum of a month will pass before the new position could be filled. 

Even Stevie Wonder can see through this ploy, but again, a lack of testicular fortitude. 

Here's the letter received today:

April 09, 2013

Mrs. Theresa Windham

4141 County Road 43

Evergreen, Al. 36401

Dear Mrs. Windham:

The Conecuh County Commission held their regular scheduled meeting on Monday, April 8, 2013. The Commission decided to create a full-time administrative/impounding officer position at the Conecuh County Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, this had the effect of eliminating the part time position you currently hold.

Therefore, please be advised that your employment with the County is terminated as a result of the elimination of your job position. Your last day of employment will be Friday, April 12, 2013.

The Commission appreciates your consideration and efforts during your employment as a part time impounding officer at the Conecuh County Animal Shelter. You are free to seek other employment opportunities with the County.


David Cook, Jr.


Conecuh County Commission

Continuing to speak of testicular fortitude, I have it from a reliable source that Mr. Cook called Mayor Wolff again today after the posting of "Who Do You Think You Are." I don't know if it was to convince Mayor Wolff to take some action against the employee who was guilty of the serious offense of "liking" my Conecuh County News and Views face book page or perhaps it's something else. They put Mr. Wolff between a rock and a hard place on any cooperation with the city from them as long as I was on the radio. Well, Mr. Wolff kow towed to them on that one but just to let you all know, this is not Mr. Wolff's website, this is mine.

Should you gather up enough testicular fortitude to approach me I'm not above talking with you in a reasonable manner but, so long as you try to encroach on a persons rights, I'll continue do what I can with my tools.