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What America Do We Live In?

After watching the Judge Brent Kavanaugh slam dunk, investigation, exoneration and now the vote to move forward among all the hoopla and uproar I am left wondering what happened to America?

As I grew up elections came and went, name calling, name smearing, buy your vote kind of elections but elections just the same. At the end of the cycle, some won, some lost but no one really wound up even but at least the government seemed to survive.

What can you say about those days as opposed to today? After the smoke cleared you didn’t have a group of malcontents that couldn’t stand to lose the election going out threatening bodily harm, destruction of property, denial of personal rights and encouraging violence toward certain political people and parties.

Today we watch people elected to some of the highest offices in the land rally riff-raff around them and direct them to go to restaurants and intimidate others that have disagreed with them to the point they can’t go out in public without facing the possibility of physical harm coming to them. When something is coming before the Congress that you are not in favor of, just gather up a dozen or so friends, barge into private offices, buildings or the street and confront those members of the party that are in favor of supporting what you don’t like. Scream, yell, push and threaten people, that’s what America is built on.

When our Democracy no longer because of the bully atmosphere and actions you’ve made, when mob rule is the law of the when nothing gets done, you, you big superhero, take time out to pat yourself on the back. Heck, go ahead, give yourself another raise you’ve done so good. See how long this America last with that attitude in place.

I’m not really that upset with the elected officials that pull these shenanigans as I am the stupidity of the people that continue to elect them to an office. For a group of voters to continue to send someone as their representative that really thinks Guam is going to tip over and fall in the ocean if too many people move to one side, that says something about the representative but what does it say about those voters who put them in office time after time. As said by Ron White, “you can’t fix stupid” these classic examples.