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I have mulled this over for more than a week wondering if I should put it on the website or not. I’ve finally come to the conclusion of how can I not put it there?

My son moved back into Greenville recently and Tess and I went to help him unload the U-Haul vehicle he drove back. Naturally he’s got to move when it’s hot as Hades outside and I just can’t do the heat like I used too.

We went up for 3 days in an attempt to assist and what I’m going to tell all about occurred on 1 of those days.

Everything got off to a kind of late start that day and we didn’t arrive in Greenville ‘til around 11 AM. We got off the Interstate at exit 130 and proceeded to his house. Turned down the street he lives on and just a little way down noticed an elderly lady that was obviously confused. You could tell by her demeanor, the way she took hesitating steps and the way she was looking around. It’s as if she was lost and didn’t know what to do.

By the time it dawned on me that she needed assistance we had already passed her. I told Tess I was going to go back and see if I could possibly help this lady. For the first time I can remember, Tess told me NO, you are not. She said you’ve already got enough problems from trying to help someone and who knows what could happen here.

For those, if there are any out there, that doesn’t know what she’s referring to, it’s the “interference with custody charge” that I’ve had to face for more than a year now. Tess was quite adamant that she was not going to let me go back and I relinquished to her wishes.

I’ve had a problem dealing with this since it happened and feel obligated to express my feelings about it now.

A TV story in the news this week showed and told a story of a man that saw a baby crawling on the shoulder of a road and he stopped and gathered up the child to prevent any harm or injury from coming to it. This man was a convicted criminal that had been in prison and was released. He was trying to get his life back together and this story just propelled him into the forefront. I shivered to think what could have happened to him if some dirt bag parents or some bullying government official had a problem with him and moved forward with some type of phony kidnapping charges or something of that nature. His life would have been back in shambles and he could have very easily been incarcerated again. I am very happy for both the babies and parents sake that he happened along and saw the child.

I remember growing up and the compassion that was shown toward your fellow man in those days. I remember the ever popular hobo that would wander thought occasionally. They would always appear tired, bedridden and hungry. Although we had very little ourselves, it seems mom could always find a little something for them to put in their empty bellies. Virtually everyone heated their homes by burning wood. I’ve helped my dad on more than one occasion bust up a load of wood, load it in the back of his old truck, take it to a sick neighbor’s house and put it on their porch. Very few yards had the nicely manicured lawns you see today, instead they were devoid of any grass at all and people swept their yards vice mowing. In the summer time a sick or hurt neighbor would get their yards taken care of, no questions asked or answered.

Who knows what may appear. In the winter a hind quarter from a freshly killed deer or even a mess of cleaned squirrels or rabbit may make its debut. The vegetable end wasn’t ignored either. In the summer time a shelled bucket of peas or beans, squash, okra, whatever. In the winter those sealed quart jars holding those garden goodies would come on the scene. Don’t worry, somewhere down the road that jar would show back up scrubbed and clean and may even have a few extra flats with it.

I never heard of anyone being charged with trespassing when that load of wood was put in place or when that yard was swept, instead one did that and went on their way knowing that should they become ill or injured, it would come back to them.

That was known as doing the Christian thing and being a good Samarian. Where have those times gone? WHAT ARE WE COMING TO?

I’m not sure how I would have been able to deal with things had I picked up a copy of the Greenville Advocate and read a story of how something horrible had come to that lady. I feel so badly that I did not ignore Tess and go back anyway but just look at what I’ve faced so far with the phoniness resting on my shoulders.

I don’t have the market cornered on what has happened to me, what will you do when it’s your turn in the barrel? Can you have the intestinal fortitude to withstand the wrong doing? In the event you think I’m wrong, please review the story on Richard Jewel, the Hero of Atlanta.

Once more I ask you, the general public, WHAT ARE WE COMING TO?