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Disturbing news came to me yesterday and I put my ear to the ground today to find out if it was true and, unfortunately, it was.

It came to my attention that a person (city employee) had been to my face book page for this website and clicked on like.

It seems a commissioner found out about it and made a phone call to the Mayor expressing the fact that it upset him and wanted him to take action to discourage acts such as these.

Well, faithful fellow that he is, the Mayor went to the employee and spoke to them. I don't think he went so far as to demand an apology be issued to at least 2 of the commissioners for this person simply clicking like on that face book page but it seems it was implied.

I checked with the employee this morning and they admitted this had happened. I asked if they had apologized yet to which they replied no but they felt their job might be in jeopardy if they did not. I encouraged them not to apologized and left them while I went to determine the best way to deal with this atrocity.

Is there anyone out there not incensed over this violation of our rights under the Constitution of the United States of America? Just who do these people think they are?

I sought advice from someone in the best way to handle this. I finally determined the best way to handle it was the way I've handled everything else, meet it head on.

Just as luck would have it the Mayor gave me a call and wanted to speak with me about something. I went to meet with him and during the course of our conversation, asked about this.

Well, I discovered Mr. Wolff had received a call from the Chairman of the Commission, David Cook. Seems Mr. Cook is disturbed with me because I've discovered certain things he didn't want out of the bag and does not want others to have the rights granted under the First Amendment, A.K.A. The Bill of Rights..

I proudly served this country with 28 years of military service so the citizens of this fine country could exercise these rights. 

Mr. Cook, just who the heck do you think you are attempting to demand that a person not be allowed to exercise their basic rights?

I'm of the

I'm of the belief that perhaps the rifles were aimed in the wrong direction when they were on the firing line.

I'm sick and tired of you and the other commissioners assuming the position that you are Gods and that you set all the rules.

I'm sure the general public doesn't know of the discrimination, harassment and abuse my wife and I have endured from this group of folks.

Perhaps if some of the other folks were subjected to being patted down every time they entered the Government Center they would become incensed too. I note that abuse stopped when you received my letter telling you I would hold the commission body accountable in court. By the way, I still haven't received that written and oral apology for that little deal.

Mr. Cook, your actions and behavior are on display for all to know. When do you intend to accept the fact you are the peoples representative, not the definer of law and rules.

Just so everyone will be able to see the letter I had to write just to stop the harassment by the group you chair, I've included a copy here. Does everyone in the county need to write you such?

Cease and Desist Letter:

James Leon Windham

4141 County Road 43

Evergreen, AL 36401

18 March 2013

Honorable David Cook, Chairman

Conecuh County Commission

111 Court Street

Evergreen, AL 36401

Dear Chairman Cook,

This letter is to put you and the Conecuh County Commission on notice that should the harassment and discrimination toward both my wife and I not stop, legal action will be forthcoming.

Furthermore, we expect both a public written and oral apology from the commission body for the humiliation and degradation caused by having us patted down each time we entered the Conecuh County Government Center.

Both you and the entire body of commissioners should be ashamed of this obvious abuse of power.

Thank you,

James Leon Windham